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Pope Francis visiting the Coral Triangle

There has been a refreshing change of wind in the Vatican since Pope Francis has taken over the rudder at the beginning of 2013. He currently prepares for his first visit to the Philippines, the third largest predominately catholic country in the world and one of the six Coral Triangle nations, from 15-19 January 2015.

(Original photo by Pope Francis via Twitter, The Coral Triangle book photoshopped by Eric Madeja)

The people of the Philippines are buzzing with anticipation and President Aquino has even declared a 3-day special non-working holiday during the much awaited visit. In addition to the traditional media coverage, there is also a dedicated
website, facebook page, blog, iPhone App, Android App and off course Twitter at #PapalVisitPH covering the event. The Philippines has been hit hard by natural disasters over the past two years and according to the website “the spotlight [of the visit] will not be the person of the Pope but on the communities devastated by HAIYAN, the strongest typhoon on record, whose destructive path displaced four million people and flattened a million homes.”